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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cricket Hangman Game

Back in school/college days,One of my favorite pastimes used to be to play a game of hangman(either on movie names or on cricketers) with my mates.I used to be pretty good at the cricket hangman,however sadly most of my mates are now in distant lands.

Work no longer permits me to enjoy these pleasures of fooling off any more,nor have I found similar like minded enthusiasts to keep playing the game.So I decided to develop my own little version of cricket hangman.It is fun,fantastic,has levels of toughness and aim is to maximise your points,which you can do with minimal losses.

For playing the game,there are two versions,
  • Test Players Hangman
  • ODI Players Hangman
Bear in mind that the list is complete and I hope to maintain the list up to date as well.As you keep playing the game,you might get tougher names,like Ian Colquhoun or Jack Nitschke.
However those would only be in the end levels.The start levels will get you easier ones like Sachin Tendulkar.!

Game sounds good? Why don't you check it out here