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Friday, February 26, 2010

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaya-Thanks GM

There was a period in the late 90s where I lost complete touch with Tamil Cinema.It was a lovely period where my only interest was sports of all kinds,and I never missed out on a single sporting event ,be it league football or snooker or rugby.And I feel proud for it.

And then along came a young debutant director who gave a heart warming romantic comedy complete with all the commercial elements sans the vulgarity that became an instant hit amongst all college goers.It was the movie which everyone related to in some way or other.The movie "Minnale" was a path breaking effort from the cliched Tamil Cinema seen earlier.I realised that I had missed out on a treasure trove of cinema and started watching all the movies that I had missed earlier;hardly missing even one.And I feel proud of it.

The story then moves to the brilliant movies that GM subsequently gave us and I had found the man who in my opinion gave the perfect mix of commercial elements and artistic elements in a tamil movie to the world.

Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is quite simply a gem in his crown.It is right up there in terms of his best movies.GM does three things quite brilliantly in a simple storied movie.
1.He focuses on human thought process.Eg.Trisha's confusing emotions at all points o f time
2.He focuses on reality and practicality. Eg. The thought process of the parents.
3.He focuses on typical scenarios one experiences in the world of love.Eg. The whole movie!

The climax uses a plot device that is mind boggingly brilliant when you think about it more and more.When rumours of two climax surfaced I was skeptical about what GM had done, but I had the slight hope that even if two climax were present it wont be bad.Well technically there is one climax although you could claim it as two and yet the movie makes sense.If you are curious watch the movie.!

The reason why I think GM is successful more than any other tam director is that the guy is basically an intelligent young man.Most directors have sarakku for 2 or 3 movies Eg VenkatPrabhu and then fade.The man being intelligent spawns his own sarakku from his life,from other peoples life,imbibes a good thought process on it and gives us viewers a treat.I am glad I caught the first show,I will be even more glad to catch another viewing of it in theater,probably for the first time ever I will watch a movie twice.

Technically the movie is brilliant and GM as in every movie of his produces a character whose performance leaves us remembering more about the movie.If it was Vivek in Minnale,Pandya in KK, The villains in VV, the award goes hands down to Producer Ganesh whose performance is quite simply outstanding.Every word out of the man elicits laughs,his body language am sure cannot be taught by a director but has just come out naturally.

Btw where is GM's cameo performance in this movie.Is there one?

Thanks GM , I know Tam Cinema is in safe hands with directors like you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi...nice u also known as Sriram Veera? I am interested knowing whrr ur Tamil by birth?

2:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont understand why you write so less. You are as good in your writing as you are in your speeches :)
Please do continue writing, whenever time permits and also about things other than Cricket too :)


8:33 AM  
Blogger Sumant said...

Thanks for your comments KG :) , I shall try to write more.I usually do not like writing on cricket,but for past few years my movie watching had decreased and hence the absence.


7:57 PM  

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