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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Priyasakhi -Deja vu but can watch

A fresh director( atleast fresh to me coz I havent heard of any movies he had directed before),a top notch hero with a fresh look,a top notch heroine with skin showing,some beautiful melodious music should normally be the perfect plan for a decent hit,however the movie fails to hit home mainly because the entire theme has been played out in various movies and hence you linger with the feeling of deja vu throughout.However there are few positives going for it,some good performances and funny sequences interjected here and there,that doesnt make you feel all that bad sitting through and watching the movie.

The Story- for those with a lets get married enthu
The whole story revolves around marital problems that maddy(known as sakhi - shortened form of "santhana krishanan":offtopic: reminds me of a person named rajagopalan who went by the name roger raj in the US coz his name was tough to pronounce) and sada(priya) face because of their different outlooks in life.Maddy is a person from a conservative picture perfect joint family household while sada is a person from one of those rich upper class households .Inadvertently there are conflicts that arise between the two and how little conflicts get blown out of proportion and how they resolve them forms the basis of the story.

My views-
Inspite of a cliched story line and stereotype characters,a semblance of freshness is prevalent throughout the movie,which is why I have given it the tag of "deja vu but can watch". The romance that leads to maddys wooing of sada is quite novel and is very enjoyable to watch.The way in which he makes sada fall in love with him by talking of him being in love with a different girl seems like a takeoff from vaali,but yet some "vetti kadlai dialogues" gets a few laughs .
Ramesh Khanna(who plays maddys brother) provides the comic relief and some of his oneliners are quite entertaining.Kovai sarala tries to provide some pep in the name of comedy in the midst of serious scenes but somehow somewhere along the line,it doesnt quite tickle us.

Directorial touches are almost nil to comeby,although some of the songs picturisations shot in dubai mostly are breathtaking.The end scenes are almost predictable and that takes some lustre of a somewhat decent movie till that time.However with the script that the director has had,I doubt anyone could have done something better.The director to me,(this is where I dont quite agree with the other reviews) has done his best possible with the given script and there is nothing much he could have done to give us a better fare.

Couple of songs especially the priyasakhi song itself is very good and quite hummable.

There were really no bad negatives throughout the movie except for a court scene in which the decision given out is downright ludicruous.

On a personal note,for the first time I felt that Maddy truly looked like a hunk ( although most of the gals thought that this was his worst possible look so far,which sadly also explains the fact why I am still single),sada could be passed off as yet another sappi figure(something which vivek had already pointed out in anniyan).

Maddy seems to have given as usual a truly sincere performance,and with his new look,I think he has done an extremely good job.Sada has given it her best shot too.Pratap pothan who plays the dad of sada is wasted and plays the part of a henpecked husband,while his wife Ishwarya with her hoarse voice irritates me to no end.(I still dont know why directors play her,Forget abt the hoarse voice,she just cant act for nuts).Everyone in the Maddy household,seems genuine non-overtly sentimental but practical characters and they do it without any hassles.

I could have said that this was the climax 5 minutes into the movie,and in that sense it was too predictable.Why pratap pothan couldnt slap his wife earlier in the movie baffles me.(Dont worry this is not a spoiler,anybody with the brains of a 3rd std kid could have predicted this).

If you have nothing better to do a saturday afternoon,watch this movie and if you are single feel happy that you are.