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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Amar Chitra Katha Title List

Taking a little break from work , I have gone back to things that used to get me excited in my childhood. Comic book collection was one such thrill for me and my collection is now stacked with numerous tinkles,amar chitra kathas and indrajal comics.

The quality of Tinkle comics went down once the numbering crossed 300 and I sort of lost interest in that ,in any case I reckon I have about 250 comics of the first 300 .I just realised that some of these comics are worth a lot .Go look it up on ebay and you will find that they cost anywhere between Rs 125 and Rs 200 .The reason for this is quite simply because these comics are not reprinted as individual issues,they are however reprinted as Tinkle Digests ,which somehow does not hold the same sort of charm for me.And ofcourse Tinkle Digests ,does not capture the entire comic contents as a whole ,for instance it leaves out the competition pages ,and all the little 3 comic panels.In any case I am happy with my collection and would not part with it for anyone.Trying to complete the collection would also be a near impossible task.

Indrajal Comics on the other hand,of which I have very few and which are equally as valuable are also not in print.However the good fellows on the internet have a own blog for this ,painstakingly scan each issue and upload on the net.The complete collection is available as a torrent,and few missing issues can be got from the indrajal blogs.A top class effort indeed.

The Amar Chitra Katha comics which espouses various stories on Indian/World Mythology is indeed a superlative effort from the India Book House. It has since been taken over by ACK media who have decided to issue reprints of all the issues earlier.Some of the issues are still not reprinted which I suspect is because of the fire that broke out in India Book House in 1994 .However they are doing a good job bringing out the old comics in hardbound editions and glossy covers.They have also got some new titles which were not published in the old ,which I have started collecting now.These new editions unfortunately do not have the stellar art work of the old comics.Again this I suspect is because of the heavy use of computers for performing the coloring operation while the older comics were hand-drawn which is definitely superior.

It is now an offence to upload ACKs to blogs as for other comics as the copyright is held now by another production house,so they are indeed tough to find on the net,but you can find a substantial collection on the net that was already uploaded before the copyright issues came into existence.

My aim now is to complete the collection of ACKs and I have less than 100 to go out of the 439 printed editions .Some of them are in print and so buying them to increase my collection is just a matter of time.Some of them are still out of print and hence extremely rare.
For instance 340 The Making Of A Swordsman is out of print .Getting this copy is indeed priceless and options could be scouring for it in old book shops ,which is what I am currently doing on every day of my break .

And as I have been doing this I needed to complete a list of Amar Chitra Comics which I carry around in my search ,so I have split the list into new series publications,old series publications and more importantly old series publications which are not in new series.The joy of finding one from this last set in the bookshops is the ultimate.I have joined a library that stocks some of these and needless to say it was like finding a gold mine.

It is good to enjoy these small childhood thrills ,but in another week ,it is back to work.

I have created a site for the Amar Chitra Katha titles here.The wiki entries are wrong for most and John's site is probably an excellent resource as well,although few entries are missing in that.I hope to expand this to contain details of each book ,much like the good folks at