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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Art of Giving Interviews

I do not enjoy television cricket interviews at all,coz more often than not there is repeatum ad infinitum of same nonsense.I really wonder how many times people have asked the same player question during the ipl ,"So how is this experience of playing with other internationals in your team" and everyone comes out with an hackneyed answer saying "Great learning experience"

On the other hand once in a blue moon ,there comes some fantastic interviews .No not those sachin exclusive interviews that he gives every 4 years which btw are extremely extremely boring ,for the simple reason sachin is diplomatic and does not let much out.

If you ever have time and are a cricket enthusiast who wants to learn something from the game,you should read this interview with Haydos

Every sentence he speaks has something that you can learn from.They say the mind makes the man,in this case there is no wonder why such a wonderful mind has made such a big man.

By far,the best interview from a cricketer in a long long time.Hail the print media!

Edit : Add Martin Crowe's Fabulous interview to the above.Sriram Veera of Cricinfo certainly has managed the art of making great interviews